Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
Forehead Lift / Browlift
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Chin Augmentation
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Calf Implants
Hand Rejuvenation

Breast Augmentation
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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction (Mammaplasty)
Male Breast Reduction --------------------------(Gynecomastia)

Deep Chemical Peels
Laser Skin Resurfacing (CO2)


Dr Mezrow suggested that I allow him to add filler to my horrible Nose Job I had done by a local dr. 20 yrs ago. Finally decided to and I can’t believe how life changing the fillers helped my look . Now I am on covers of magazines all over the world !!! And BTW… My nose looks sexy !!! Not droopy and bird like.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Mezrow and his staff…so professional, attentive and friendly. I am getting surgery next month, but in the meantime, I have been having smaller, in-office procedures done. I am thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from the Venus Freeze laser treatment on my inner thighs, neck and eyes. The difference is really amazing! Over the past two years, I lost a lot of weight and as much as I work out (I do strength training three times a week and also participate in triathlons now), there is just some loose skin that I can’t fix on my own. The laser is doing wonders to help my legs and I’m going in next month for surgery on my breasts and stomach. I couldn’t be more comfortable with Dr. Mezrow. He takes the extra time to answer all your questions, treats you like a real person (and not just a number) and truly cares about your health and ultimate happiness with any procedures you are considering. He is also 100% honest and thorough. Not to mention the fact that his work is beautiful…such a skilled surgeon! Although I am — of course — nervous about my surgery next month, I am so comfortable and confident with Dr. Mezrow that it makes this entire process so much easier. His staff is fantastic too. So happy that I found him!! I look younger and feel better than I have in 20 years! Thank you, Dr. Mezrow! — Jenni, 40-years-old

Terrific staff. Minimal waiting time. Artistic-eyed awesome doctor, luv him!

After investigating, due diligence, all the possibilities, I chose Craig Mezrow as the doctor to do his magic… to make me a better, [re]new and improved Me. His concern and care are apparent upon the initial interview all the way through surgery, recovery, and followup. He listens and is thoughtful. The genuine interest and joy in the results is shared by patient, office staff, and Dr. Mezrow. The whole experience has been remarkable.

Dr. Mezrow is the Best Doctor I have ever been to in my entire 49 yrs on the planet. His techniques with injections of botox and fillers almost painless. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t have to say a word on what to do with the injections I trust him that much. I am always thrilled with the outcome without saying what bothers me
the most on this 49 yr old face. He is the best and always makes you feel like you are so special. He explains everything before he begins and what to expect. There is no wait because of his wonderful staff scheduling they know him that well. If someone mentions something they are uncomfortable with on their body I say I know “THE BEST” his name is Dr. Mezrow! I could go on forever but I think I am running out of space. LOVE THE MAN. I am proud to write my name. Cathy Furry

Dr. Mezrow and Nicole are amazing. I went to the office about 2 months after breaking out with a case of adult acne. After seeing them, I noticed astonishing results almost immediately. They were honest with me, told me exactly what to expect with realistic time frames, and have quickly cured my acne problem with microdermabrasions, chemical peels, acne laser/skin rejuvenation lasers and a prescription. Any other doctor would have prescribed a cream and told me to come back in 2 months, but Dr. Mezrow and his staff made sure I had an appointment every week for as long as I needed it. They always asked me what I felt comfortable doing and were never pushy about doing other procedures. You can tell they genuinely care about their patients and make you feel completely comfortable and at ease!

I suffered from acne for 17years. I paid thousands of dollars for prescriptions, Doctor’s visits, and over-the-counter products the did not work. I walked into Dr. Mezrow’s office and his and the staffs positive outlook on my severe acne made me feel at ease. I started getting laser, microdermabrasion and chemical peels and
immediately saw a huge difference in my skin. I have had about 5 treatments and my skin is more then 80% clearer. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I am very satisfied with the results and cannot wait to se the final outcome. And the staff is like family they made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Mezrow also calls to check on me after treatments and he makes it clear that I can call him anytime of the day or night if there is a problem. But I have. Not experienced any problems only good things. I thank God for Dr. Mezrow

I had wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I could remember. I was 27 years old and my boobs didn’t even fill out an “A” cup. I had always thought about getting a boob job, but I didnt know if I could actually go through with it. I thought I was being materialistic for surgically altering my body for cosmetic reasons. I always considered myself extremely self confident, so why was it so important to me to have boobs anyway? I finally justified it to myself that it was something I looked in the mirror and wished I could change every single day. It was something I wanted so badly that I even told my future husband that I had no interest in a ring, I wanted “engagement boobs.” We began looking into doctors, and Dr. Mezrow came highly recommended to me by a close friend. Through his attention to detail, his personality, and his professionalism he made me feel at ease and gained my confidence by day one. He took painstaking care to help me pick out boobs that fit my body perfectly. At one point I couldnt decide between two sizes, and he was more than willing to make an emergency appointment with me, just days before my surgery,
to reassure me that I was choosing the right size. The surgery went flawlessly, and afterwards he called to check in on me several times a week. He made it quite clear to me that he was available to talk any time day or night. Now it has been three months since my surgery. I still look in the mirror everyday, only now I love my
boobs. They look so natural on me that my grandmother told me how beautiful they were. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Mezrow to anyone considering a breast augmentation.

Dr. Mezrow has performed several procedures on me over the past few years and I have been thrilled with the results from each of the treatments. From botox and Dysport for my crows feet and brow, to laser treatments to remove brown sports from my skin. His professionalism and honest opinion are always very comforting. He has also very successfully removed and treated my severe vericose and spider veins post partum. I would and do recommend him to all of my friends and family.

I was very impressed with Dr. Mezrow and his staff, they are very professional and caring. I had lazering done to my back, for sun damage. I was bit nervous, but Dr. Mezrow and his aesthetician were very thorough to answer any question that I had. I am very happy with the outcome from the lazer. I would highly recommend Dr. Mezrow.

Dr. Mezrow is the best. He performed a procedure on me which was done with great success. I had a very easy recovery. I had this same procedure done previously with a different doctor with a terrible result. The procedure Dr. Mezrow performed resulted in a great outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Mezrow to anyone.

i was diagnosed with a muscle disease several years ago and because of this my muscle on the left side of my abdomen thinned and formed a hernia. my family physician told me that i would need surgery to relieve the pain. i went to several surgeons that would not help me. i then decided to go to dr. mezrow. as soon as i
walked into his office i felt comfortable. he did a full evaluation and told me that he could help me. he took his time to evaluate all my labs and MRIs and finally we scheduled the surgery. after the surgery he made sure i was comfortable and call me everyday for two weeks to make sure i was ok. after healing, i couldn’t believe my pain was gone and the lump was barely noticeable. since then, i do return to the office for injectables on my face. he does such a great job, that people have told me how great i look (so natural). i never met a doctor like dr. mezrow, he doesn’t treat you like a patient, but more like a family member. i would recommend him to anyone. thank you for everything. luv you

I first came to Dr. Mezrow because of his wonderful reputation. Then I soon saw for myself what all the hype was about. He did several treatments for me, such as lip augmentation, laser hair removal and chemical peels all in which were perfect! And of course my favorite procedure yet… Breast Augmentation! He more than exceeded my expectations. My breast are extremely natural looking and a perfect size. He really took his time to explain EVERYTHING to me to be sure I was comfortable and well
educated on my decision

I went to Dr. Mezrow for a breast augmentation after contemplating whether or not the procedure was right for me for about a year or so. After seeing several other doctors in the area, none of them made me feel as comfortable and confident as Dr. Mezrow. Dr. Mezrow and his staff were very nice and honest throughout the process of choosing what size and type of implant were best for me. I finally had my surgery three weeks ago and have never felt or looked better! Dr. Mezrow and his staff consistently check in with me to make sure I feel okay and that all of my questions are answered. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr Mezrow for a breast augmentation or any other work you are looking to have done.

I first met dr. mezrow 7 years ago when he performed my mom’s facelift. he treated my mom with respect and answer all her questions honestly. my mom’s face lift turned out so beautiful, she was so happy with the results. dr. mezrow continued to call
her periodically to make sure she was ok and to see how she was doing (he because a friend). a couple of years later, my daughter had breats augumentation done by dr. mezrow. she couldn’t be happier with the results. i have trusted two very important people in my life in the hands of dr. mezrow and i would recommend anyone to him. he is a caring and gifted surgeon. thank you dr. mezrow for everything you have done for me and my family. love you.

I just had a breast augmentation done on July 8th by Dr. Mezrow. I couldn’t of chose a better Dr. to perform my surgery! His office is very clean and nice. His staff is on top of everything and they make you feel so comfortable and will help you out with anything you need. As soon as I met Dr. Mezrow, I knew I wasn’t going to even
consider anyone else to do my surgery. He really cares about his patients and listens to anything you have to say, and doesn’t rush your apt. I never once had to wait in his waiting room, they call me right back and offer you something to drink. At the hospital, Dr. Mezrow made me feel so relaxed that I wasn’t even nervous! He has a great personality and is in it for you, not himself. When I woke up from surgery, I felt amazing and I had barely NO PAIN! Dr. Mezrow was right in the recovery room making sure I was okay and I couldn’t thank him and the nurses enough!!!! He will call you at home to make sure you are recovering good and he stresses to his patients that no matter what the question is, don’t hesitate to call, because he is there to help you! I can’t thank Dr. Mezrow enough! He nailed my surgery and I never knew what it was like to have confidence, and now with having confidence and everything turning out AMAZING I’m happier then ever…He changed my life! I would recommend Dr. Mezrow and his staff to anyone thinking of having any kind of plastic surgery!!!!! (I actually have a friend that loves my results and has an apt with him next month) THANK YOU DR. MEZROW!


I recently had a laser treatment on my face to get rid of brown spots caused by sun damage. The treatment was amazing and my skin looks incredible. People close to me noticed right away! Dr. Mezrow is the best!

I have had Dysport from Dr. Mezrow twice, it has tremendously reduced my frown lines on my forehead and my crows feet. i also had a laser treatment to reduce the sun damage on my face. I look great after just one treatment! Dr. Mezrow and his staff took great care of me!

I have known Dr. Mezrow for many years. This year was the first time he ever did any surgery for me. He did laser on my face and also did surgery on my upper eyelids. Just prior to having this surgery, my breast implant (that was NOT put in by him) ruptured and it needed to be replaced. So I had 3 prodcedures in a period of 3 weeks. After the eye and Laser surgery, he called me on a daily basis for over 2 weeks including nights and weekends, just to check on me. I have had other surgeries before and NEVER have I been treated by a more caring Doctor. I probably poke to him every day for a month. His attention to every detail was amazing. He treats you as if he were operating on his best friend or a family member. He just made me feel as if he really cares about his patients. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you are considering have any cosmetic surgery procedure, definitely consider Dr. Mezrow.

I only had the very best experience w/ Dr. Mezrow.He took his time w/ the laser he was doing to remove my dk spots and fectles, explaining all the way. He was extremly concerned w/ me understanding the after care.And, even called the next day to ck in.I think this laser treatment is very good. Tell tale, compliments.

I was referred to Dr. Mezrow by a few of his patients who happen to be friends and family. He is a very thorough physician who takes the time to listen to what you want and also give his own professional opinion. Before I had my own surgery I saw Dr. Mezrow and a few other doctors about breast augmentation. I decided to have my procedure done with him because he met with me two to three times before he would schedule a surgery date. Unlike the other doctors who gave me very little information and wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Mezrow’s work is also fantastic. He is very neat and precise. It has been almost two years now and I have almost no scarring, no ripples, and great cleavage. I highly recommend Dr. Mezrow to everyone for his kindness, skills, and price!

Dr Mezrow is amazing! I have had asymmetrical breasts for years and it was the source of many of my insecurities. Between swim team and dresses never fitting right to embarrassment in the locker room has caused me to feel deformed all my life. Dr
Mezrow took the time to talk to me and together we made an informed decision about my surgery. Dr Mezrow has a wonderful personality, amazing bedside manner and is always available for any questions or problems that may arise. I can’t say enough
wonderful things about this man, he has given me a new outlook and made me feel beautiful for the first time!!!

Dr. Mezrow,
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you did for me. I am glad I decided out of my 5 consults you would be the best and you have, most proved yourself. You have given me a new outlook on myself and I thank you billions. Your staff is so awesome, it’s truly a pleasure to have to come in for visits. Thanks again! - Holmes, PA

Dear Dr. Mezrow,
I can’t wait to see you and for you to seem me on Monday. You are a wonderful doctor and a flawless artist. You can’t even see where you operated. You have far exceeded how I thought I was capable of looking! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - NJ

Dr. Mezrow and Staff,
Thank you for all the special care. You made me feel very comfortable. Your attention to detail and concern for me as a person went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend you all to anyone who doesn’t want to be just another patient. My experience in your care was great. - Bridgeton, NJ

Dr. Mezrow,
I cant thank you enough for how wonderful you have been to me.
- Mullica Hill, NJ

Thank you very much for taking such great care of our daughter. We appreciate everything you have done for our family. Thank you for your kindness. - Wayne, PADear Dr. Mezrow and Girls,
From the first time I walked into your office you all made me feel so special. How can I begin to tell you how very much everything you have done for me means to me! Thank you for the bottom of my heart! - NJ

Dear Dr. Mezrow,
Doctors like you are truly a tribute to the medical profession and a rarity. Your professional talent and gift and most of all your patience and light humorous approach to a serious period of difficult times we went through have helped us endure those stressful times. Words cannot thank you enough.
- Newtown Square, PA

Dear Dr. Mezrow and Staff,
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism on my recent visit. I felt very comfortable discussing my concerns with you. - Bethlehem, PA

Dear Dr. Mezrow,
It has been just about one year since you met us a to stitch up our son’s forehead after a very nasty fall. I’m not sure if you remember, but we just wanted to let you know that his scar looks great – barely noticeable. I was quite panicked that night and for months afterwards that our son would be scarred for life, but thanks to your expertise, he looks as cute as ever (of course, I’m not biased). Thank you for your assistance that night and all of the follow-up visits. We greatly appreciate it. - Wynnewood, PA

Dr. Mezrow is the nicest, sweetest doctor I have ever met. He is very honest and upfront with you, which is very important because you should be able to trust your surgeon all your heart to be sure he knows exactly what he is doing. He is very competent and makes you feel very comfortable. I had 2 other consultations with plastic surgeons for breast implants, but when I met him I knew he would be my doctor. My new boobs look fantastic, I am so happy I chose Dr. Mezrow. - Philadelphia, PA

Dear Doctor,
Thank you so very much for your wonderful work and dedication. - Philadelphia, PA


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